Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Evolving Quill

Writing to me is simply the air I breathe; I’d die without it. Creativity is a gift that’s within my soul inasmuch as dancing is in rain. At the age of twelve I wrote my first screenplay, entitled “Buddies on the Run.” That story led to a venture of short stories that I had just made up during the night.

As I blossomed into adolescence, and my hormones took over, I began writing poetry and songs, which led to several children’s stories. I even wrote a short story based on a dream when I was seventeen that was later published in an English literary textbook used by one of my college professors, entitled “Tara’s Nightmare.” I still have a copy. Since then, ideas of several stories seem to tangle themselves into my mind, and it’s hard to pry them out from so many cob-webs.

But one night while I was wracking my brain figuring out equations for algebra the idea for Allured popped into my head like a sonic boom. The main character Jacquelyn Cassiel made me stop what I was doing, pick up a long-dormant notebook, and write about her and how she met Victor Von Hestine. After writing four or five pages, I told Jacquelyn I needed to get back to algebra that I would spend time with her later.

Well, several months later and still attending college, I picked up my quill and created a world that sucked me in. As I began to draft Allured on paper, I envisioned each person, their surrounding, and life. As I continued to write Allured, I felt myself evolve into each character as I introduced them on paper and began to talk of them as real people. I still do. With Allured written, I have spent several months painfully editing in an attempt to bring Allured to print. Allured is the first in a trilogy, and I am sure every vampire reader will enjoy it.

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