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First I would like to thank all new fans today, welcoming each one for showing their support. You’re bound to discover a whole new world of fantasy of urban legions, dark horror, paranormal romance and well….Let’s  just say surprises at every turn. Please feel free and read my blog where for a short time only, you can sip the first chapter of Allured before it makes it’s long journey to my editor next week. So for now, kick of your shoes, sit back and relax, and allow me to guide you into a world were imagination is king, and fantasy comes alive. 

Well folks time to pick up my quill and get busy. Jacquelyn and Victor await… Right now their both sitting in front of the fireplace and things are starting to heat up...and not from the raging fire!!!

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Reese said...

Thank you to everyone who has visited. I hope you return soon. Don't forget to follow to get all the updates.

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