Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Beyond Sparkles

Vampire novels seem to be a worldwide craze with Twilight taking over the bookshelves and box offices. It became an instant success by targeting a younger generation. The saga introduced them to mellower, less violent vampires, who sparkle and experience emotion. Well-done, Stephenie Meyer.

Allured is a dark fantasy/ romance thriller with a vampire theme. It deals with the survival of mortality for the vampires who are in search of the perfect consort to accompany them to the afterlife once their existence dissipates after one thousand years. Legacy is everything to them especially in Osiris’ kingdom.

The two main characters, Victor von Hestine and Jacquelyn Cassiel, don’t fall head over heels for each other, at least not right away. Victor lures Jacquelyn toward him in a devilish scheme to protect his own mortality. His intentions are purely selfish. But when Jacquelyn discovers changes about her that are dark and evil, she nearly goes mad. Her sight becomes sharper and her hearing becomes crisp. But when she begins to transform, her best friend Gabriella warns Jacquelyn that she is becoming a creature of the night, but it’s simply too late. Allured is an adult dark fantasy thriller that will lure both adults and teens past the sparkles of twilight, and into the grasp of night.

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Hi Reese, thanks very much for your support on Facebook. It's nice to see what Stephenie has done with Twilight, but like you point out, even more interesting to see so many different takes on vampires in literature since then and even before the Twilight craze erupted. I love the names and the themes in Allured--especially the value of legacy and the characters' pursuit. It sounds very interesting and I wish you the best with it!

Reese Jacquez said...

I would like to thank everyone for stopping by my page and reading the first chapter of Allured. It means a lot to me. Please post a comment if you well telling me what you thought of the first chapter. Thank you! :-)

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