Thursday, July 12, 2012


Allured is a adult dark fantasy/ paranormal romance novel about love, friendship and betrayal. Packed with twist, turns and surprises.

Jacquelyn is a barmaid in a merchant community in Port Townsmont, Massachusetts. Aside from talking to her co-workers at the Black Rose Tavern: Jacquelyn keeps to herself, not dating much. It's not that she's not attractive, because she is- its because Jacquelyn use to be a whore and no one has anything to do with her. Until one night when a tall, dark haired handsome stranger enters the tavern. Jacquelyn is lured to him, instantly.

While cleaning a nearby table, Jacquelyn gets up the nerve and goes to his table. He introduces himself as Victor von Hestine, asking her to join him for the evening.
Moved by his interest in her, Jacquelyn gets nervous, hating how people in town call her names. Victor with his rare ability, hears the patron’s thoughts- bids Jacquelyn goodnight, leaving her standing alone.
But Victor being persistent having motives of his own waits for Jacquelyn outside in his carriage. After persuading her several minutes, gaining trust; Jacquelyn rides off with Victor.

Just after one night she starts seeing changes with her hearing becoming like a wolf and eyesight like an eagle. But worst of all- is when Jacquelyn wakes from a sound sleep, in cased in a milky cocoon.

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